Toddler Football FAQ's

General FAQs

Aren't all Toddler Football Groups the same?
The short answer to that is no. We are very proud of the differences in organisation that make us market leaders. Whether it's the local community feel to each session we provide, or the constant support from head Office we give all guardians. This is what separates us from the rest.
How do I register my child for a session?
If you are looking to register for one of our sessions, it's a really quick and simple process. Click Register Interest, fill out the form, and we will give you a call.
Is there any information I need prior to my child starting a session?
We will call you with all the information you need prior to your child's first session.
Are girls and boys mixed sessions allowed
Yes, absolutely. Even before the success of the Lionesses, we were encouraging girls football. Anyone between 18 months and 7 years can join a session.
What if we cannot attend a session because we are on holiday?
During a calendar year, January to December we appreciate families will enjoy time away together. As a result of this all guardians are able to give notice of at least 7 days without incurring a cost or loosing their child's space in a session.
How Can I Contact You?
You can call us on 0333 2420 034, email [email protected] or we are on all the major social media networks - links are at the bottom of the page
Can I pay Cash For My Childs session?
No. All our sessions are cashless. You will need to pay online through our website each month.
What if i have a complaint about child's session?
We take complaints very seriously. To make a complaint, write to the Chief Executive Officer at the address that is on the Contact Page. You will also receive a personal response from a senior manager should you have anything that you are unhappy about.

Session Facts

Are the sessions indoor or outdoor?
All of our sessions will take place indoor at your nearest Village Hall or Scout Hut. This provides a safer and less intimidating environment for your child's first steps into Football.
Is there an entry fee & how much are sessions?
Some of our sessions may have an entry fee of £10 that come with a Toddlers top but for some we have offers of a reduced price or in some instances we will offer this for free. The cost of sessions each week is between £6.50 and £7.50 per child. Which will need to be paid online before the first session each month.
How long does a session last?
All our sessions last 45 minutes as we know a child's attention span is limited. 45 minutes gives the child to warm up enjoy some exciting drills and games and recap before they go home and do it all again the following week.
How many children are in a session?
Generally, there are 6-12 children in each session.
What happens if a session is cancelled?
On the very rare occasion a session is cancelled, all guardians will be contacted and the payment will be rolled over to the next available session.
What happens if my child needs to vacate a session?
Guardians that wish to remove their child from a session must provide 14 days notice and attend the two week notice period.
Do you supply the equipment?
Yes, we supply all necessary equipment. We use professional quality equipment for all of our leagues.
Do you supply session leads?
Yes, we supply a fully qualified session leads for all of our sessions.